Download and View User Manuals

Here you will find all available manuals which you can download view and/or print for Dave White SitePro brands instruments and tools.  They are maintained in PDF format for easy download and view.

Ours Brands: SitePro | David White | SmartTRAK | Gammon Reel

If your tool is a model not listed on the website, email us with your information. If available, we will email a PDF at no-charge.


SLR200 Series User Manual

Models: SLR200H | SLR200HV | SLR200HV-G

SLR202GR User Manual

Model: SLR202GR

RD202 Laser Receiver User Manual

Model: RD202


SP-Series Autolevel User Manual

Models: SP24XC | SP28XC | SP32XC

TL20X Transit Level User Manual

Model: TL20X

DT05 Theodolite User Manual

Models: DT05 | DT05L

SKT05 User Manual

Models: SKT05 | SKT05L

1200-Series Tribrach User Manual

Models: 1200-B | 1200-GN | 1200-GY | 1200-Y | 1300-B

1200-Series Tribrach Calibration Adjustment Manual

Models: 1200-B | 1200-GN | 1200-GY | 1200-Y | 1300-B | 1400-GY

LT8-300 Universal Transit-Level

Models: LT8-300, LT8-300P, LT8-300LP

LT8-300LTU Universal Line Transfer Unit

Models: LT8-300LTU, LT8-300LTULP

L6-20 Meridian Level

Model: L6-20

LT6-900 Meridian Transit-Level

Model: LT6-900

AL8- Series Automatic Level

Models: AL8-26, AL8-32

DT8-05 Series Digital Theodolite

Models: DT8-05, DT8-05LP, DT8-05LS