General Details


Smart-TRAK™ Series


The SitePro ST 102 features Smart-Search Technology™ (patent pending) with North/South polarity that provides pinpoint accuracy around fences or other large metal objects.
Smart-TRAK™ is the smart choice for locating manholes, steel covers, septic systems, corner survey markers, cast iron pipes, iron valves, re-bar, and other ferrous metals underground.

  • Smart-Search Technology™ (patent pending) indicates polarity and eliminates interference
  • Balanced Ergonomic Design for easy single-hand operation
  • 1.5x More Sensitivity than leading brands
  • Large Visual Display for visual search results
  • Waterproof Tube & Tip for locating even in the toughest environments and weather conditions
  • Robust, Water-Resistant Housing protects your locator on tough jobsites
  • High-Grade Waterproof Speaker for superior acoustic output
  • 7 year warranty

Includes: Batteries, Padded Carrying Case, User Manual


Technical Data


Audio Output: 10Hz frequency tone, increases with magnetic field strength
Visual Output: LCD – Numeric 0 – 99, signal strength bar graph
Gain (Sensitivity): 6 settings
Smart-Search Technology™ Yes
Modes: Standard, Erase, Smart +, Smart –
Power: Six “AA” alkaline batteries provides 50 hours (intermittent operation)
Operating Temp: ‐13° F to 140° F (‐25° C to 60° C)
Power: Six “AA” alkaline batteries provides 50 hours (intermittent operation)
Weight: 2.5 lb (1.13kg) with batteries
Environment: Waterproof (IP67) – sensor tube to just below the plastic housing;
IP54 – plastic housing


When ferrous objects are oriented vertically to the Earth’s surface, a magnetization is induced into the object by the Earth’s magnetic field creating +/- polarity.
Smart-Search of the ST 102 is used to pin-point the locate surveying stakes, pins, and objects near chain link fences.