1. What is the difference between a transit level and a builder’s level?

    The difference between the transit levels and builder’s levels are the transit levels will shoot on the horizontal and vertical plane. The builder’s level shoots on a horizontal plane only.

  2. What makes the automatic level AUTOMATIC?

    The AUTOMATIC function comes from the compensator inside the unit. The compensator is a gravity driven component that levels out the cross-hairs in the telescope. This feature is what makes the automatic level AUTOMATIC and more accurate than your traditional sighting levels.

  3. Is the manufacture warranty valid if the product is purchased off the internet?

    The manufacture warranty is valid only if purchased through an authorized distributor. The warranty is not valid if purchased through any type of auction house or an individual that is not an authorized distributor.

  4. Can I purchase your products online?

    Yes, you can purchase our products online through one of our many online distributors.  Please contact the Customer Service department at 765-581-4097 to locate an authorized online retailer or an authorized dealer near you.

  5. How to select the right GNSS clamp or cradle for my collector/controller?

    SitePro cradles and clamps are designed to fit different collectors/controllers. Many are compatible with competitor styles as well. Go to reference chart to view all available models.

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